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Little Chapters of Chill – a mindfulness podcast series for kids from Churchill Insurance, starring our mascot Churchill the dog.

Churchill has rebranded, bringing the chill to Churchill and appealing to young families with busy lives and endlessly energetic little ones.

Our mission was to add a little chill to their day in a way you wouldn’t expect from a brand, never mind an insurer. So we created Little Chapters of Chill, a five episode podcast series written and designed for children aged 4-7 years old.

The stories take kids on a fun, calming adventure with a mindfulness exercise included in each one. They are narrated by bestselling author, podcast host, and mum, Giovanna Fletcher and written by top children’s author and qualified meditation guide, Sue Pickford.

Click below to listen to the first podcast in the Little Chapters of Chill series, ‘Even a Dragon Can Chill’. Will Churchie save the day after making a new friend by the pond? This story helps introduce mindful breathing…and Churchill the dog, of course!

Originally planned to create moments of calm in everyday stressful situations such as the drive to school, we moved production and release forward to help families during lockdown.

To make sure Churchill was the star of the show we made sure to naturally and authentically weave in Churchill Insurance’s distinctive brand assets into our podcast; a story focus on Churchill’s charming bulldog mascot, up front brand names, our dog’s nickname ‘Churchie’, brand colours and logos through onscreen artwork, our well known catchphrase ‘Oh Yes!’, and, of course, the feeling of ‘Chill’ brought to you by Chur-chill throughout.

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So far, Little Chapters of Chill have been relaxing kids across the country and ranked #1 branded podcast in the UK on Apple Podcasts at launch, #1 in the ‘Stories for Kids’ category, #1 podcast in Apple Podcasts’ Family & Kids chart, selected as ‘New & Noteworthy’ by Apple, curated to be on Apple Podcasts’ homepage banners, and has also been picked up by teachers and placed onto school, health, and welfare online resources.

emoji_events #1 branded podcast in Apple Podcasts’ UK chart at launch
emoji_events #1 podcast show in Apple Podcasts’ Stories for Kids category
view_carousel Featured on Apple Podcasts’ homepage banners
grade ‘New and Noteworthy’ on Apple Podcasts
emoji_events #1 podcast in Apple Podcasts’ Family & Kids chart

Listen to Little Chapters of Chill on Apple Podcasts here, or search for Little Chapters of Chill on all podcast platforms. You can also discover our other four calming episodes, and Giovanna Fletcher putting them into practice, below.

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#ad I’ve been recording a new project that I’ve absolutely LOVED being a part of… Little Chapters of Chill is a set of five lovely audiobooks for little ones, all centred around mindfulness. Written by the wonderful @suepickfordcheung, narrated by me and starring a well-known loveable bulldog, Churchie from @churchill! Life is chaotic so I try to practice mindfulness when I can - in the hope of finding a little peace in the mayhem. Taking a moment to pause is something I would love to get Buddy and Buzz involved in too, but I find that they’re much better at being little balls of energy and flying around the place! 🥴🙈 What they do love doing though, is sitting down to listen to a good story! Churchie’s adventures are the perfect excuse for us all to sit as a family and listen, whilst cleverly introducing them to mindfulness too! There are five adventures to listen to, with a mindfulness exercise included in each one around Breathing, Listening, Looking, Moving and Feeling. It’s totally free and you can find them in all the regular podcast places or on the link in my stories. I would love for you to try them out with your kids and let me know how they get on, do they appear any calmer, is their concentration improving? It’s a nice way to get kids off screens, calm the mind and reduce stress - so they could also be perfect to listen to before bedtime too! Enjoy! Xx

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#ad Today I thought I’d prepare a little den on the trampoline and get some chill time in with the boys... as you can see, this was badly timed. 😂🙈 Having three boys is chaotic, wild and full of fun and getting them to take some time out has to be stumbled upon and their idea - unless it’s at the very end of the day, their bellies are full and their legs worn out from a day of running and jumping. That’s the time I’m guaranteed to get them to relax and take a moment of calm. I know how important it is for little minds to pause so I was thrilled when @Churchill asked if I’d narrate Little Chapters of Chill, five audiobooks written by @suepickfordcheung to introduce the idea of mindfulness to little ones. It was a joy to work on and, despite what I’m showing you here, I love seeing the boys breathing a lot to it... especially as it gives me a break too! You and your little ones can listen for free. Just search for ‘Little Chapters of Chill’ on any podcast provider. Xxx

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#ad Mindfulness has always been something I longed to spend time on for myself, but I hadn’t thought about the importance of kids taking part. But then I was approached by @churchill to work on a special mindfulness project they’d been dreaming up called Little Chapters of Chill, a free series of five audiobooks written by @suepickfordcheung and read by me. Oh how I loved recording these! Obviously my children don’t usually listen to 90% of the things I say so I was interested to see what they’d make of them. A den was built, they got comfy and... LISTENED! They even tried out the breathing exercises. Since then we have occasionally put them on at random moments in the day, but the main time they’re used is bedtime - especially with Buddy who’s pretty busy all the time. We read a story then snuggle up to listen to one of these before he goes off to sleep. It’s so calming and he’s been sleeping well as a result. It’s been a lovely introduction to mindful for us all! If you want to get involved just look for ‘Little Chapters of Chill’ on your usual podcast provider. Xx

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And as Churchill's catchphrase goes… Oh Yes!